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EFFECTIVE: 99,9% tested disinfection


TESTED: University of Siena



Tiber San contributes to the protection of our health by ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of many products.  Tiber San is among the first companies to bring this type of technology — which has already been successfully applied in other sectors, such as healthcare — into everyone’s daily life.

“It is in crisis that invention, (…) are born.
Whoever overcomes crisis, outdoes himself without being overcome.”

by A. Einstein


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Tiber San products make it possible to disinfect objects of various kinds in several areas of applications quickly and completely safely. This allows the consumers to enjoy the experience of using them fully and without worrying — they will disinfect the product themselves directly.

Tiber San cares about the well-being of its customers as well as of all those who are part of the distribution chain: manufacturers, retailers, and all those who aim to provide an excellent service to their customers. Thanks to Tiber San products, it is possible to incorporate disinfection into our daily life with a simple gesture touchless. An intelligent and natural way to feel safe and protect everyone’s health.

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Thanks to UVC LED technology, it is possible to disinfect any kind of surfaces without the use of chemicals, inactivating viruses and bacteria, including pathogenic ones. The surface is disinfected in a very short time ( within 10 seconds ) and the treated product
does not undergo any kind of alteration

The UVC LED light radiation allows to inactivate a wide range of microorganisms over solid, air and liquid surfaces, in full respect of the environment.


Tiber San was born as a spin-off of Tiber Pack, a dynamic and innovative company that has been operating in the field of cartoning machines since 1968, mainly in the food sector. Tiber Pack’s Research & Development department is a real hotbed of ideas, it decided to apply its team’s talent to solving a problem that concerns everyone’s health — the disinfection of daily objects.

Thanks to the expertise of its team and the collaboration with the University of Siena, the Tiber San project has taken shape, giving life to the first series of devices for UVC LED disinfection. 

Tiber San takes the same care that Tiber Pack reserves for its clients, ensuring the integrity of their products from manufacturing to the end consumer, in protecting the daily well-being of people.

coming soon

The first revolutionary Tiber San devices will soon be put on the market. 

The range of products by Tiber San is constantly evolving. The Research and Development department has already completed projects for new devices that are designed for disinfection in many areas of daily life.


tests &

Thanks to precious cooperation with the Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine of
the University of Siena, and with the Company Ego-Health s.r.l. (who has been operating in the sector
of disinfection technology with U.V. ray and near UV light for 10 years gaining national and international awards)

Tiber San is developing and testing its products in the research laboratories of the University of Siena.

Tiber San devices are all rigorously scientifically validated to ensure top optimal performances.
The tests were conducted on several known bacteria* and on the dangerous SARS-CoV2 virus,
responsible for the Covid 19 pandemic.

*Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus, Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella Typhimurium


Tiber San means quality, reliability, and safety. This is why the systems designed are protected by patents, which are entrusted to important Italian patent consultancies.